Corporate Overview

Many technology consulting firms guarantee service deliveries that are on time, on budget and within specifications. But at Texum, that’s just the beginning ,,

We want to make sure we’re addressing the right problem so we ask a lot of questions and really get to know your business. What do you lose sleep over? What are the biggest issues keeping you from meeting your goals next year? Then we solve the most important problem first, giving you the greatest results for the lowest cost.

We have organized our business to accommodate the individual funding, procurement and specific technology needs of each of our customers. We make sure that we will provide to you the services and support to meet the current and future technology requirements for your business. Our customers include local and international organizations that range from educational institutions, government, commercial, health care companies, law firms, non-profit organizations, small to medium as well as Fortune 500 businesses.

In other words, first we help you figure out what to do. Then we help you do it.

Our consultants deliver measurable results such as growth, increased productivity and reduced costs by improving processes and enhancing systems. We can help you through acute IT needs like a company merger, or provide the IT systems and services you need to run your business efficiently on a daily basis.

Whether our engineers are located in USA or Jordan they have expertise to meet your organizations networking needs. We have located some of our engineers locally in Jordan to be available for any type of support.

We always offer a relationship that provides both your company and ours an open environment that is conducive to growing a strategic business partnership. To continue to meet your growing needs, we offer high availability, manufacturer resources, future planning and consulting, ongoing relevant training for your staff with emphasis on industry “best practices”. Our team members have the highest level of technical certifications and years of experience with various operating systems, software, security, networking and hardware solutions.